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Over the last two decades, the Grove Public Schools have demonstrated a growth in education, excellence and diversity that has made them truly the Shining Star of our community.  By the time a student reaches high school, they have multiple  pathways and advanced standing courses from which to choose.  We are  proud of our diversity with one third of our students being of native American ancestry.

For the best and brightest, the path to graduation leads to the designation of "Top Scholar" in their senior year.  To achieve “Top Scholar” status, students must take the following courses:  3 Honors English, 1 Honors Math, 1 Honors Science and 1 additional Honors course.  All students who take the required curriculum and have a weighted GPA of 4.0 or above will be called a Top Scholar and share the number one ranking in their class.  AP & Honors Courses offerred include:  AP American History, AP English Literature, AP English Language, AP Calculus, AP Physics, PreAP English I, PreAP English II, Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry II, Math Analysis, Calculus, and Independent Scientific Research.

Long known for it superb music program which has consistently been ranked as one of the best in Oklahoma, the system now is taking the lead in math, engineering and science with its robotics program.   Last year, the Grove Robotics team not only won the state title, but also the regional title and represented our country in the national robotics competition against teams from all over the world.

Being enrolled in Grove Public Schools allows students to  attend the prestigious Oklahoma School of Mathematics and Science at their branch site located at  the Northeastern Oklahoma Techhnology Center Complex in Afton, and during their senior year many student attended classes taught by instructors from the Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College Campus in Grove obtaining college credit.  Last semester over 40 students took advantage of this opportunity.  Of those graduating from high school, 56% chose to go on to college immediately with 10% going out of state and the rest remaining going to  state colleges and universities.

We are rightfully, very proud of the Grove Public School System!

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