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2011 Spring Grants


 Buggy For Insects Part 2 ... "The Buzz Continues!"   This grant will help Pre-k students experience the Life Cycle of insects.  Project funding will be used to purchase live insects. This grant is an extension of grant "Buggy for Insects". Which was received (4-1-09). This grant will actively engage 161 Pre-k students in the Life cycle of insects.

 Listen and Learn …. This request contains everything needed for a complete quality listening center. This center will be the perfect place for children to follow along with their favorite book, learn valuable reading skills or do some independent math lessons. With the support of listening materials, this center can turn children who are just beginning to explore literacy into fluent readers, with delightful books and skill building practice. Students can also build listening and concentration skills as they follow along with simple, step-by-step math activities.

 Discover the Treasure of Reading! … Grant funding will be used to facilitate a summer reading program for Pre-Kindergarten students, Kindergarten students and their families. 

 "Catching the Wave to Learning"… This project would allow teachers to introduce the study of water through oceans and lakes/ponds to students through hands on instruction and lessons. The curriculum theme would provide continuous learning over the school year and conclude with a field trip to the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks. Children will learn the difference between regular and salt water, as well as, what types of animals live in each. Students will study lakes/ponds and ocean life. This will allow children to bring items from prior personal knowledge and experiences (such as summer trips-lakes, oceans, grandparent’s ponds) in to the classroom to share and allow teachers to build on that knowledge to form a broad understanding of water. 

 Shaping Up Our Kindergarten Math Skills …Grant funding will be used to purchase eight classroom sets of Magformers. Magformers are magnetic shapes that can be transformed into 20 and 3D objects. Sets will be used in all Kindergarten classrooms for mathematic instruction and skill reinforcement.

 Write On, Reading! Right On... Children will utilize sight words, color words, number words, and inventive spellings to express their thoughts in writing; thus, connecting the written word with the thought process. The skills introduced are the same reading skills that will be evaluated as First Grade Pass skills. Introduced in Kindergarten and reviewed in a game-like setting, these skills will be less intimidating once they are required.


Mountain Climbing for 2nd Graders… Through the use of Mountain Math and Mountain Language bulletin board kits, the 2nd grade teachers will have an easy to use system for reviewing skills. The bulletin boards can be used as a warm-up activity, as seatwork, or as a bell ringer activity. Students can participate individually, in small groups, or as a whole class. The flexibility of the program will allow each individual teacher to implement the program in a way that meets their own teaching style. The reusable bulletin boards include year-round activities to supplement current math and language arts curricula, thus providing continuing review and practice of skills throughout the year.    This represented supplies for nine second grade class rooms.


 Bringing History to Life… Social Studies literature resource boxes have everything a teacher needs to help boost social studies knowledge and encourage hands on exploration. The boxes include realistic props and high-interest reading passages, helpful maps & charts. Each box focuses on a specific social studies topic and comes packed with reading comprehension folders, writing prompt cards and information-filled photo cards. Manipulative, games 3-D models and more actually bring history to life.

Techno Reading… Interactive reading comprehensive games that add action and adventure to comprehensive reading skills covered in reading. The interactive reading games will help enhance as well as build on skills covered in classes. The cd's can be projected onto smart boards.

 K-W-H-L about an Oklahoma Author… Serving as a climatic event for the fourth grade students' Oklahoma unit and the library's Oklahoma biography unit, well-known Oklahoma author, Darlene Bailey Beard, will present four different sessions (author and hands-on writing workshops), including an additional book autograph period, a lunch with specific fourth grade contest winners with their teachers, and a 45-50 minute assembly for all fifth grade students and teachers.


Hi/Lo Classroom Library… This project will supply our middle school's students who have intellectual disabilities and/or reading disabilities with a classroom library of 154 high interest level/low reading level trade books that vary in reading level from K to 4th grade and an interest level of 5th to 10th grade. The books cover a wide variety of genres including non-fiction and fiction, mysteries, and action/adventure books, and even include a set of the Twilight series on a reduced reading level. The classroom library will also include chapter books written on a Pre-K to 1st grade level that specifically address the phonemic skills that this population of students reviews regularly.


Equipped for Clay: Clay Equipment & 3-D Unit… Working with clay is very difficult to do in the public school setting. Because of the various stages of clay and the conditions needed in order to maintain those stages, a lot of teachers no longer use it.  Even though it can be very difficult to use, the benefits for the students are great. In order to make the clay process more successful as well as to encourage and support those who use it, a variety of products have been developed. The focus of this grant is to acquire a few of them.

 Virtual Business… This program will engage students by allowing them to use a visual computer simulation that makes it fun to learn key business, marketing and personal finance concepts including: marketing, management, entrepreneurship, sports marketing and management, financial literacy, hospitality and much more. The project will basically put the students in to today's real world.

 Pre Historic to Pre AP Chemistry… Grove High School would like to join ranks with the best of higher learning and begin an AP Chemistry Program beginning with a Pre AP Chemistry program. The AP Chemistry course is designed to be the equivalent of the general chemistry course usually taken during the first college year. Since the science budget has always been minimal, the chemistry laboratory has been kept at a "bare bones" level. The Pre AP and AP curriculum has a certain minimum criteria for labs that must be completed and our laboratory doesn't have this necessary equipment. The purchase of needed laboratory equipment will get the Grove High School Chemistry Lab ready for Pre AP and AP Chemistry.

 Microscopes, That Work...This grant allows the science department to upgrade to a full classroom set of microscopes. It also enables teachers to access microscopes from both lab rooms. The school is attempting to increase the science curriculum by adding AP and pre-AP science courses. These courses require that access to basic lab equipment on a regular basis. The microscope is a much used tool in the high school science curriculum while the attendant cart will allow for safe storage of these costly pieces of equipment as well as ability to move them from lab to lab.

 "If it is to be, it is up to ME"… Financial Literacy includes a diverse curriculum that all students must pass according to recent legislation. These supplies would allow the students to learn in a variety of ways. Setting goals and making choices are a vital part of the Financial Literacy Class. Helping them to learn at this age will better prepare them to make choices throughout life and will hopefully help them to grow into responsible, happy and successful adults.  The 21st Century Lifeskills will be an additional material for the required curriculum. It includes an 'everyday math' application in every lesson.