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2010 Grants

I Can Be Anything That I Want to Be, $1170.00

Debra Popp, ECC

The items in this grant will enhance the children’s knowledge regarding different careers and how each career contributes to their community.  A variety of hands-on manipulatives will give opportunities to role play and discover careers.

 Zippity Animals with the Traveling Suitcases, $2000.00

Jana Gibson & Linda Adams, ECC

This grant contains kits encompassing the study of the “big ideas” in science, including four areas that children love: 1) insects, 2) jungle/forest friends, 3) sea animals, and 4) farm animals.  Each kit includes hands-on materials and visual aides to help students learn important basic skills, language development, and academics.

 **“Lite” Up Learning, $239.75

Julie Bloss, ECC

Funding from this grant will be used to purchase 25 travel size Lite Brites to be used as an exciting resource for PreK and Kindergarten mathematics.  Skills learned include patterning by colors, demonstrating patterns, basic shapes, number and color recognition, corners, arches, and lines.

 Should We Just Bag It? $610

Debbie Outhier, ECC

This grant idea was constructed from the need to rebuild the home-to-classroom connection.  The project will turn homework practice into fun, family time while at the same time reviewing skills learned in the classroom using activity bags.

 Squirmin’ for Learnin’, $277.50

Anita Highley, ECC

This grant is designed for learning basic science skills through hands-on activities.  An all time favorite topic…WORMS will be studied.  The grant includes live items in the Worm-Vue Wonder-a double sided viewing case for students to observe worms in their natural habitat. 

 Only the Beginning, $920.00

Greg Pierce, HS

This grant provides equipment including Webcam, software, and digital camera to allow Senior English students explore British Literature in a new way.  Activities would include connecting via webcam to a classroom of Seniors in Ireland to debate satirical works as well as assigning daily Researchers and Scribes to share information of a given lecture or topic in real time.

 Digi-Portraits/Lasting Impressions, $421.29

Angie Duff, HS

Students involved in this project are photographed individually and then shown how to use editing software to create a graphic image or portrait of themselves.  The image is then printed, copied on a transparency and then enlarged to poster sized.  Students then copy the lines, assign the appropriate values and/or colors and apply the paint; creating a unique masterpiece!

 Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!…Pedal! Pedal! Pedal! $1786.00

Gayle DuBois & Vera Yirsa, HS

This grant will address drinking and driving as well as cell phone usage, talking and texting while driving.  An adult sized “pedal care” and traffic cones will be purchased and obstacle course set up for students to practice driving, first wearing “beer goggles” then while texting.  The goal of the grant is to encourage students to think before engaging in risky behavior.

GO APES!, $1900.00

Pam Chaney, HS

Provides lab kits that provide basic materials and lessons for subject areas like plate tectonics, fossils, chemical weathering, rocks and population for the Advanced Placement Environmental Science course and regular environmental science classes, this grant also provides funds for the purchase of supplies to put the high school green house back to work again.

MY, MY, MY…Did I Pass EOI???, $2779.00

Valerie Epperson, HS

This grant provides CPS student response pads or “clickers” enabling instant assessment of student comprehension of lessons.  Since the system gives instant feedback, a teacher knows whether to move on or continue teaching a concept.

Let’s Get Connected, $475.00

Aliana Hilliard, HS

This project would consist of creating an online classroom.  The online classroom would be used mostly for discussion boards and chat rooms.  If a student had a question after school, they could post a question, and either the teacher or another student could post discussion of the discussion board.

TI-Nspire Navigator System, $2639.00

Jeanne Smith, HS

This grant provides the classroom teacher with the ability to network the TI-Nspire graphing calculators to a classroom computer.  With this system, the teacher will be able to track the progress of individual student learning via one computer screen. 

New Age Intervention, $538.00

Jaimy Eberle, LE

This grant is designed to enforce reading skills and be used as an aid in the classroom for intervention teaching throughout the year.  Students can record and play back their responses in this easy to use system.

Leap Into Learning, $356.95

Daysha Gibe, LE

This project equips a first grade classroom with 4 Leapster Learning Systems and a variety of educational games to use with those systems.  It provides a fun and engaging center that meets all learning style needs while challenging each child at their level. 

It’s Clicker Time, $5460.00

LuAnn DuBois, Diane Manning, LeeAnn Holt, LE

This grant provides student “clickers” to the second grade classrooms.  The “clickers” allow teachers to assess student effectiveness and comprehension in all subjects.

CPS:  Student Response Systems, $5000.00

Linda Amos, Gayle Coyle, Lyn Crawford, Mindy Collins, MS

This grant provides student response systems to the reading department.  The CPS provides real-time feedback for an instruction and will be an effective tool positively impacting student achievement.

Click It, $2844.00

Stacey Millican, UE

This grant includes implementing the Smart Student Response System to motivate all students to participate in classroom lessons.  Using Smart Technologies Student Response Systems enables teachers interact with current Smart Boards and technology.   It is a creative and novel approach for student participation.

Dandy Dictionaries for Delightful Learning, $397.00

Miranda Woods, UE

This grant provides a classroom set of dictionaries for use by 5th grade students for learning vocabulary and other PASS requirements for this grade level.


Jo Martin, UE

Funds for this grant will provide current reference books to support the library curriculum at the Upper Elementary School.  Resource books include encyclopedia sets, America the Beautiful Series, World Almanac and Book of Facts and North American Print Road Atlas.

The World is Your Destination, $443.00

Kathy Carper, UE

GeoSafari Talking Globes to help 5th graders learn about the world they live in.  The Globes include over 10,000 questions, track scores, and play anthems and songs.  The addition of these globes will enhance student learning of our world.

Time We’ll Tell!, $176.00

Shannon Smith, UE

This grant will provide students with much needed time-related, hands-on manipulatives for classroom problem solving.  Items included are small Geared Student Clocks, Elapsed Time Rulers, an Elapsed Time Teacher Clock, an Elapsed Time Line, and large Geared Student Clocks.

Junk in My Trunk, $1289.72

Debra Facio, UE

This grant is designed to fill the department trunk with art supplies that are currently shared with the Middle school Art department; creates a reserve treasure chest of art in anticipation of the bond issue construction and relocation of the MS art department.

Hoot Hoot Whooo’s in My Pellet, $301.95

Kim Hampton, UE

Provide 5th grade science students the opportunity to dissect regurgitated owl pellets investigate and sort contents to better comprehend food chains.

Third Graders Get Wired, $18,120.00

Kelly Trumbull, LE

Grant includes a mobile computer cart and 30 laptops to be utilized in third grade classrooms allows for further integration of technology into the curriculum.  Each third grade student will now be working on a laptop computer up to four hours per week!

“Alternative Thoughts”, $407.90

Keni Iverson, HS

Provides students receiving alternative education the opportunity to compile a creative anthology emphasizing the art of writing and illustrating poetry; copies of the work will be kept in the library and students will receive a bound copy.

Read Into It, $257.41

Kristen Farris, UE

An innovative approach to reading for students with learning problems using an online reading program and headphones, this model of hearing oneself read leads to self-correction and improved fluency

Crazy Traits!, $1450.00

Pam Chaney, HS

Kits are a fun and innovative manipulative to help students learn about genetics in high school

*Let’s Hear It! Poetry Out Loud, $865.00

Shaunda Davis & Linda Fracek, HS

A national recitation contest, which invites the dynamic aspects of slam poetry, spoken word, and theater into the English class; each HS English class will choose a winner to participate in a school wide competition.  The winners will attend the state finals in OKC.

Sequoyah Challenge, $452.52

Melinda Jarvis, MS

Provides MS students books from the 2011 Sequoyah Masterlist to read; each student that reads at least three of the books will be eligible to vote on their favorite book in April for the Sequoyah award

Explosio’n! $495.00

Mindy Collins, MS

A one year online subscription to BrainPOP ESL to teach English to speakers of other languages.

**Project 3H, History, Happen, Here, $2347.09

Margie Hayes, MS

Supplemental materials for the United States History curriculum in MS including maps, history and primary source documents and readers to enrich and develop the history curriculum.

Get Up! Get Moving! Get Healthy!, $1238.79

Anita Highley & Molly Sanders, ECC

This grant introduces nutrition, dental health, and physical activity to the children in the ECC using healthy choices handouts, books, play food and active indoor recreational toys.  A take home parent component is included.

Pop!: An Explosion of Instructional Technology in the Classroom, $995.00

Amanda Pollan, MS

A one year subscription to online BrainPOP, an educational resource, creating animated, curriculum-based content that engages students, supports educators, and bolsters achievement.

Everyone Gather Around, $400.00

JohnCarl Morgan, HS

Purchase an Elmo Visual Presenter Document Camera.  The presenter allows the teacher to place an object for viewing or demonstration under the camera while the image is projected on the SmartBoard.  This tool is especially useful when demonstrating labs for displaying specimens in HS science.

Art Resources, $485.69

Angie Duff, HS

Enhances the student art learning experience by using audio and video resources that effectively demonstrate or showcase relevant artists, history, processes, opportunities and information.

“Distinguished Oklahomans”, $767.32

Jo Martin, UE

With Collaboration between the librarian and the UE classroom teachers, this project will provide the opportunity for students to use literacy skills in completing a biographical research paper using biography and Oklahoma books, internet, websites, encyclopedias, and Oklahoma almanacs.

Sink Into Catastrophic Events, $868.17

Donna Deason, MS

Students will sail on the Titanic through the North Atlantic Ocean.  Along the way they will encounter problems such as buoyancy issues, water pressure, icebergs, water displacement, bulkhead issues, and rivet failure.  “Hands-on” science activities will explore difficult science concepts in an exciting way

“Has Anyone Seen MY Atom?”, $931.40

Valerie Epperson, HS

A magnetic model with removable electron, protons, and neutrons.  Students build atoms, ions, and isotopes through an intuitive and hands on manner. An asset for teaching atom concepts in High School science classes.

Fill ‘Em Up!, $319.20

Gayla Flynn & Amy Kreutz, UE

An effort to create a strong community, improve school climate, and emphasize the value of all individuals.  Buckets in homeroom classroom within the UE will be used daily to create a safer, kinder, and positive school climate and reinforce a respectful student body.


* winner(s) of the Shining Star Award for Outstanding GEFFE Grant

** runner-up for the Shining Star Award for Outstanding GEFFE Grant



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